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I am a  fiscal conservative who shares the values of the citizens of Bedford County. I am a committed Christian, pro-life and a member of the NRA. I believe in fiscal responsibility and a constitutional focus on limited government. I have been committed to leading by example in my community. I strive to make Bedford County a great place to live, work, and raise a family. I have the pleasure of continually coordinating and collaborating with individuals and organizations to help move Bedford County forward in a positive direction. Since being a Commissioner I have committed thousands of volunteers hours and dollars back to the community. 

I am passionate about serving the people of Bedford County. I am the type of leader that you can rely on to get the job done. I am focused on moving Bedford County forwarded in a positive direction by supporting the business community, veterans, and families of Bedford County. I believe it is important that you know the issues that we have been focusing on in the County. Below is a list of the topics we have been working on and some of the accomplishments thus far.

Fiscal Responsibility

I have never voted for a tax increase. As a county, we have maintained the lowest tax rate in the state at .92 (SmartAssetTM). Through various initiatives I have helped to save the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.



As an Army veteran and Nationally recognized veterans advocate, serving veterans and their families will always be a top priority.


County Initiatives

As a county, we have come a long way in supporting economic development and infrastructure projects throughout Bedford County. As a Commissioner, I will continue to coordinate and collaborate with individuals and organizations in the county to help continue moving us forward.

Planning Efforts

Bedford County has worked with the six county region to support the largest comprehensive plan in Pennsylvania history.


Cell Phone/Broadband

Since adopting this plan cell phone coverage will become a reality in the Hyndman area.


Trail Development

The Old PA Pike is moving forward and recently created an authority to help make this project a reality.


Public Health

One of the priorities in the county's comprehensive plan is to address the drug and alcohol issues facing our communities.


Economic Development and Entrepreneurial Growth 

I have supported efforts to foster entrepreneurial growth in the county. Recently, the economic development association, through a grant hired an entrepreneurial coach to work to foster new ideas and support the county workforce development efforts.



I worked with the county engineer to develop long range planning efforts to remove county bridges from a structurally deficient status. We received a  $1.5 million grant for bridge improvements.


Supporting Families 
Bedford County has been recognized nationally for providing a research based program that supports children and families throughout the county as part of the Unified Family Services System's collaborative board.



As a Commissioner, I spend a lot of my time listening to feedback from its citizens. One of my goals was to engage the public more as a Commissioner, increase transparency, and create greater public trust.



When implemented effectively, technology can be extremely useful in supporting the county. Since being a Commissioner, I have helped to implement innovative technology to increase timeliness and effectiveness, that has produced cost savings through efforts, such as paper reduction.


County Operations

As a Commissioner, part of the job is to managing the day-to-day operations of the county. I have helped to streamline operations and worked to increase effectiveness. I will continue this focus as a Commissioner by working collaboratively with department heads and employees.


Public Safety

Public safety is of utmost important to me as a Commissioner. I will continue to focus on efforts to support public safety.


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