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County Operations 

As a Commissioner, part of the job is to managing the day-to-day operations of the county. I have helped to streamline operations and worked to increase effectiveness. I will continue this focus as a Commissioner by working collaboratively with department heads and employees. Some of these initiatives are outlined below.

Employee Programming

  • Created an employee resource portal.

  • Created an employee recognition program.

  • Created an employee training program.

  • Hosted regular lunch and learns for county employees.

  • Provided employee information center in the break room that provides various employee resources.

Organizational Management

  • Conducted organizational audit to determine shortfalls to help improve organization processes.

  • Developed a county-wide strategic planning process. This process sets goals for the County by meeting with department heads and employees to acquire feedback. This allows the county to set goals and performance metrics.

  • Developed the County’s mission, vision, and guiding principles

Safety and Wellness

  • Provide regular safety training, such as active shooter training. 

  • Provide regular wellness workshops to encourage healthy behavior. 

  • Developed a new wellness program to encourage healthy behavior of employees.

  • Implemented several new safety initiatives such as new cameras throughout the courthouse.

  • Acquired state grants to acquire new safety equipment.

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